Advanced Cellular Dynamics

Tyrosine Kinase Profiling

Our Tyrosine Kinase profiling are produced using a cell-based platform first developed by Mathey-Prevot and colleagues (learn more). It relies on constitutively activated kinases providing cytokine-independent growth to IL3-independent Ba/F3 (Pro-B) and FDC-P1 (Myeloid) cell lines. Upon addition of inhibitory compounds blocking the kinase function, the lines undergo cell death, resulting in a lower measurement of residual ATP (a surrogate marker for viability).

We offer two basic profiling packages; dose ranging evaluates three different concentrations arrayed as two full-log serial dilutions of your stock solution, while dose profiling evaluates ten concentrations arrayed as nine half-log serial dilutions. All evaluations are performed in duplicate and include parallel evaluation of parental control cells and dose-profiling of an internal reference standard against the target assay, both at no charge.