Advanced Cellular Dynamics
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With cutting-edge Next-generation sequencing instruments and bioinformatics data pipelines, ACD can develop, run, and analyze your next bioinformatics project. In-house development options allow for flexibility and customization of data analyses and presentation.
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We offer molecular biology services ranging from vector construction to multicomponent expression system design. Our staff’s extensive experience in all modern molecular biology techniques enables rapid and efficient completion of any project need, large or small.
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We offer a wide range of services ranging from protein analysis and characterization, to building, isolating, and purifying recombinant proteins. For those enlisting our protein production services, we offer various expression systems including bacteria, yeast, baculovirus and mammalian cells.
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Here at ACD our Cellular Biology department offers a complete range of services with a vast catalog of established and innovative techniques. Advancing your projects with options including cell-Based assays, flow cytometry, microscopy, and animal model-based studies.
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