Advanced Cellular Dynamics

About Advanced Cellular Dynamics

Contract Research for Every Need

Our growing team of scientists has expertise that reach across all scientific disciplines. Whether expressing a mutant kinase to explore mechanisms of therapeutic resistance or using Next Generation Sequencing to evaluate the temporal programming of differentiating iPSC, we have the facilities, knowledge, and expertise to complete your project on budget and ahead of schedule.

Our History

ACD was formed in 2006 by Dr. Schwarz. Our original mission, the production of research-enabling cell-based kinase assays, has evolved into the robust provision of contract research services that are distributed across four broad programs – Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Protein Biology and Bioinformatics. Our biological expertise spans numerous disciplines including Oncology, Neurobiology and Immunology and a variety of gene families including kinases, GPCRs and transcription factors.

Our Facilities

ACD maintains three state of the art laboratory suites situated within 2,851 SF of the Pacific Northwest Research Institute. These suites are function specific and physically isolated from each other. As PNRI tenants, we have access to a modern vivarium as well as advanced shared equipment that includes an Illumina NextSeq 500 automated sequencer and a Sony SH800 Cell Sorter. These amenities further enable our service capacities.

Deborah Schwarz, Ph.D.

President and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Schwarz is responsible for corporate operations and leads the design, development and validation of new assay technologies. Deborah (nee David) received her Ph.D. from Dartmouth Medical School where she investigated retroviral immunity under the supervision of Professor William R. Green. She pursued postdoctoral studies in the laboratory of Stephen M. Hedrick at the University of California, San Diego, where she investigated thymocyte development and discovered the Schlafen family of growth regulatory genes. Following completion of her post-doctoral studies, she joined Neurocrine Biosciences, where she led or contributed to various drug discovery programs and oversaw cell-based assay development in support of internal exploratory and drug discovery projects. Dr. Schwarz has authored more than 20 scientific publications.