Advanced Cellular Dynamics

Our Products

We offer both physical and virtual products. For those that wish to profile the activities of your therapeutic entity in-house, we offer an array of primary and transformed cells. If you're eager to dig deeper into the biological activity of your kinase inhibitor, consider enlisting our KinoScope® service and the associated collection of KinoCore® assays.

Primary & Transformed Cell Lines

There are 20,220 known genes in humans and the proteins they encode can be assembled into 950 different superfamilies (learn more). Within the cellular environment, these proteins interact with each other in complex ways that spatially and temporally regulate their activities. So, when it comes to profiling modifiers of protein function, all our assays are cell-based and constructed to measure the native activities of each protein.
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KinoScope® & KinoScore®

Most kinase inhibitors are ATP mimetics and thus share an overlapping space within the target protein where ATP binds. Specificity is achieved for individual drugs by adding chemical moieties that effectively extend into the various open spaces immediately surrounding the ATP-binding pocket. KinoScope® and KinoCore® use proprietary technologies to map and investigate this three-dimensional space.
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